Friday, August 13, 2010

time to catch up!!!!!

It's been a busy time the last few months!!!! We had a few vacation trips planned so as to take advantage of the relaxed summer schedule before the little one begins Kindergarten in Sept. We have had sooo much fun and it's been really rewarding!!!

Some projects I have endeavored to accomplish in this time - trip to San Diego, first camping trip as a family, meeting up with friends and catching up on long overdue playdates, starting piano lessons with the munchkin and some personal craft time fit in whenever possible. Also, there was a birthday party (or two or three) and of course the planning and preparation that goes with that. Road trips to see the inlaws who live 5 hours away, and some personal sewing projects to really bring joy to my sweetie.
I look forward to getting my sweetie into Kindergarten so I can try to fit in some of the personal time I have not really been able to fit in this summer. Of course, I would not trade one minute of this summer for anything - except the strep throat which I thought was the flu for almost a week before I went to the doctor to confirm my illness.

Keep your eyes posted on the upcoming blog posts for new projects and inspiration!!!! Thanks for your patience!!!!

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