Saturday, September 4, 2010

Work in Progress

My sweet little five year old is starting school on Tuesday! I am so excited, yet a little sad to see her go to Kindergarten. She is an amazing kid, and I look forward to the new growth and activities school will bring. So with that in mind, I am working on a project for her to mark the beginning of the school years. It is not exactly a paper project, but one that will be used for paper products... I'm making her a library tote bag for her school library books. She has a ton of books at home, and ones that we borrow from the public library. So I thought that a special tote bag would help her to keep the school books separate and organized from the other books. I went to the fabric store last week and picked out some cute fabrics I thought she would love. And she does! I've finished sewing the body of the bag, and have to attach the handles. As well, I've picked out some iron on appliques to embellish her bag. Here is a pic of the work in progress.

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